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Dramatic Journalism

Not all is as it seems. News media must be dramatic. There are bits of truth and delusion in every article and meme we are exposed to. Without fail, with every expression of reality things are lost, and other things are added. Do not allow your mind to be swayed too quickly, nor respond too apathetically. The truth is often somewhere in the middle, or perhaps hardly there at all.

We are essentially a satirically-presented nonfiction comedy news site. Florida’s got some funny and fucked up stories. We’re here to report on them, albeit somewhat ridiculously.

We are a news site though, so every single news article will contain facts directly from the arrest affidavit, with direct verbatim quotes only. That is our promise. If we screw up, which so far we have not (to the best of our knowledge, feel free to correct us), we will publish a corrected article. We may also cite other news websites, or link to bills in the House and Senate.

News in this modern era is almost entirely click-bait, designed to frighten, polarize, annoy, and entertain. We choose the latter but invoke them all. Advertising profit has dropped dramatically for a number of reasons, and “the news” responded by saturating the internet and television with lots of nonsense that leads us no closer to the truth. Rarely an article appears that gives us knowledge that we can use to seek more helpful knowledge. Usually they just cover easy shit that excites people and is easy to write.

Trolling is a business model.

Use your mind to discern between the layers of satire. We’re a unique site, but we mimic mainstream media. We pull some of the same tricks in order to exemplify them, and for shits and giggles. Sometimes we write serious statements. Sometimes we’re just goofing off. Often both. Read between the lines and use this site to help build your mindfulness against the fuckery of media.


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Dramatic Journalism

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You forgot to mention the tacos. How dare you.