Florida State Capitol – Cock and Balls

My name is Tallahassee a’on know about y’all, but I’m real damn proud of my cock and my balls. The capital of Florida, America’s wang, got some Antebellum babies that became unchained. Most of us are meth heads, hidin’ in the woods, all the dang northeasterners ruined our moods… All state laws pass through my […] »

Mainstream Media Accountability Survey

Florida is under attack from the mainstream media! For years now, they have ridiculed our great state, running “Florida Man” and “Florida Woman” articles. FAKE NEWS! I don’t like it when people share their opinions! We’re going to take a serious look at our libel and slander laws, and put those fuckers in jail, OR […] »


We’re gonna build a wall, and Alabama and Georgia are gonna pay for it. We don’t want any more transplants. Go away. We closed. Vote “WTF Florida” as your new Governor in the 2018 elections. #MFGA #KeepEveryoneOut #GoAway »

Republican and Democrat work together on bill that loosens gun laws and restores freedom

Rarely in these divisive political times do we see two political parties working together for the greater good. Florida’s no ordinary state, and HB 903 bill proves it. It was written by a Republican and a Democrat, and was filed on 12/6/2017. This “Restoration of Rights” bill would allow those who have finished serving time for some felonies, […] »

OJ Simpson’s lawyer calls Pam Bondi a stupid b*tch for her stupid remarks

pam bondi
OJ Simpson’s lawyer Malcolm Lavergne is outraged with Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, blasting her as “possibly the stupidest person on the planet.” Bondi’s office released a letter Friday urging the Florida Department of Corrections to deny Simpson a transfer to serve parole in Florida now that he has been released from prison on kidnapping […] »

Republican Ross Spano Proposes a Bill Declaring Porn a Public Health Crisis

spano ross
Living in Florida can be stressful. More often than not, an ejaculation can safely unravel the knotted web of frustration spun into our minds by the scolding heat and insanity that we face on a daily basis. Porn helps with this release immensely, especially for those on a tight schedule. Most people can agree it’s […] »

How Florida explains our polarized politics

The strategists plotting Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s (R) reelection bid in 2014 faced a problem: The state’s explosive growth, especially in liberal cities like Miami, Orlando and Tampa, was being fueled by an influx of voters likely to back Scott’s Democratic opponent. To win a second term, Scott would have to find votes in unlikely […] »