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New bill would let ‘bullied’ students escape to private schools via tax money


The Senate approved a proposed bill that would allow tax dollars to help students who are being “bullied” in public school transfer to private schools.

The private schools would receive tax dollars through the state’s school voucher system, according to floridapolitics.com.

Senate Bill 1172, the “Hope Scholarship Program” also has a house version, HB1. According to myfloridahouse.gov, the bill would “elect to direct certain state sales & use tax revenue to be transferred to nonprofit scholarship-funding organizations for Hope Scholarship Program.”

There are some great charter schools that deserve to be funded, as Evan Jenne explained to The Florida Channel, but it’s also a way to slowly defund public schools.

Florida Man is born from many things. One of those is things happens to be the public school system. If we continue to defund public schools, that is great news for WTFF News, but bad news for society. Don’t yell at us when those kids we gave up on grow up and rob you one day. We will report it, and say “we told you so” if you voted against better funding for public schools. Everything is born from something else.

Bullying is an important part of growing up too. It teaches us things that we cannot learn in safety and solitude.

We should work on public schools and find ways to reduce the negative effects and causes of over-bullying at the source, not just teach our children that it’s OK to escape and run away.

But who really knows. We’re just a silly news site. Read the bills and decide for yourself. Think about it from how it will affect things 20 or 30 years down the road for everyone as a whole. Think beyond your immediate fears and selfish desires before you decide; that advice should go for everything.

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New bill would let ‘bullied’ students escape to private schools via tax money

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