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Proposed Amendment Would Treat Abortions as First-Degree Murder

Tampa (WTFF) – An amendment was approved by the Florida Division of Elections that would declare abortion first-degree murder. Anyone who performed or received an abortion would be guilty of premeditated murder in the first degree. Attempted abortions would be considered attempted murder.

So far, it hasn’t reached the 766,200 signatures required to show up on the 2018 ballots.

The Constitutional Amendment “Abolish Abortion 16-05” is sponsored by the Florida branch of Abolish Human Abortion. Their chairperson Bonnie Caffey told Church Militant that they are “abolitionists.” She explained, “We are not identifying ourselves as pro-lifers.”

That makes sense, because it’s impossible to be “pro-life” while also advocating the death sentence.

Here’s the ballot summary:

Abortion deprives an innocent human being of the inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Any person who performs or procures an abortion shall be guilty of premeditated murder in the first degree, and any person who attempts to perform or procure an abortion shall be guilty of felony attempted murder. This provision shall prevail over any other conflicting provisions.

WTFF News, based on our unique insight into Florida, expect that two things would happen if this amendment gets voted in:

  1. Underground abortion clinics would get a lot more popular. This would be good for the black market economy, but very bad for health and humanitarian standards. Florida Man‘s home is often crawling with roaches and smells like old mayo. Now imagine he’s the only place in town that does abortions. It’s cheaper than the hospital was, but a little sketchy. You bring your teenage daughter inside and you’re both greeted by Florida Man, who’s wearing a dirty Halloween outfit lab coat, holding a rusty clothes hangar, and smiling in a deranged and maniacal way.
  2. We would have a lot more damaged kids who will eventually turn into Florida Man or Florida Woman themselves. Some people just shouldn’t be having kids… often these are the same people who like to have sex with no condoms, either because they got their sex education from an abstinence-only program in Florida, or because it just feels better and that’s how stupid people make decisions. A lot of these people are alcoholics and drug addicts, and the babies come out going through withdrawals if they even make it the full 9 months or so. Abolitionists talk about compassion a lot, but allowing a child to suffer is not compassion, it’s selfishness.

WTFF News reached out to their organization, asking what they suppose we could do with all those extra babies if this becomes law. We haven’t gotten a reply yet.

Anyone who’s seen Trainspotting already knows what happens to a lot of these babies…

Sometimes they survive, but often not very happily. They end up in the foster care system usually, costing tax dollars. Statistically, foster kids are more likely to end up as felons too. While some exceed and shine past their very difficult and painful life, many fall victim to a life of suffering.

Two Florida Moms Overdose on Heroin with their Newborn Babies in Car

Maybe we should focus on sex education first. Nobody likes abortions, so let’s just fix the problem before it turns into such a big deal. Ya know… protected sex… birth control… we need to talk about it.

Florida school district picks abstinence-only center to provide sex education

Until we start engaging with reality, the suffering will continue.

For now, we will do our part. This message goes out to all cognizant, willing, sexually active people:




There, we did our part, now you do yours.

This amendment doesn’t take into consideration victims of rape either.

Unlike what some old Republican law makers think, rape victims don’t have a God-given way to shut down their baby-making zones, and no, they shouldn’t “make the best of a bad situation” by taking care of a baby created by a man who was simply exercising his “pursuit of sexual freedom.” Those are all real quotes by the way.

Fuck that. Don’t be so self-righteous. This bill isn’t about saving babies, it’s about control (the same thing that drives many rapists). It’s about their ego. It’s about compassion too, but that compassion is misguided and obscured beyond recognition. You cannot fix suffering by attacking and drilling into the objects of suffering. No, it doesn’t work that way. It requires love and patience to heal things, not judgement and short-sighted micro managing.

We had this all figured out since Roe versus Wade in 1973 anyway. Leave it up to Florida to stir the pot… speaking of pot, two marijuana legalization bills might be on the 2018 Florida Ballot. Tell your friends.

Proposed Amendment Would Treat Abortions as First-Degree Murder

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