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Florida Man Exploits a Tragedy to Trick Fearful People

House Speaker Richard Corcoran knows that the easiest way to play politics is to fear-monger using media propaganda. So he aired this very silly video with the help of “Watchdog PAC” in order to scare people into supporting HB9:

This video is not satire, but it is hilarious, and could pass for satire.

A Tampa Bay Times editorial reads, “Even by the gutter standards of modern times, the television ad that Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran began to air this week is despicable.”

Only senile people and literal racists fall for this crap though. The internet has taught us how to better discern between fact and fiction. Many of the comments are pointing out the obvious and calling this propaganda for what it is: deceitful propaganda.

Most of the comments pointed out the obvious flaws in this laughable ad:

Asmo Nymous said in a comment, “This is how the OG Nazis back in 1933 did it as well. They fabricated and spread scary scenarios of Jews poisoning the water supply, sacrificing babies in rituals and blackmailing Germany with global and corrupt financial conspiracies. This kind of propaganda works today as good as ever.”

Francisco Pedroza wrote, “I think your child is in bigger danger if she’s in school. These white man love to shoot up schools… but let’s not talk about that huh”

Robert Lee wrote, “This ad is so racist.”

A Gaytheist wrote, “This takes the cake for the most racist commercial I’ve ever seen.”

Desox wrote sarcastically, “Ban schools too, you may die in a shooting while inside one of those.”

puertorican rum wrote, “Couldn’t find a Mexican to pay to do this ad. Tried to get a white guy with a beard and a hoodie to look Mexican. Failed miserably lol.”

Kathy Kelly wrote, “Please don’t bother explaining that ” sanctuary” just means that local law enforcement does not have to do federal immigration service’s job for them.”

Some people actually fell for it and took the bait…

…People like Branden Williams, who wrote, “Great ad, thank you! Let’s make Florida great again! Only democrats cucks will dislike it! Republicans all the way! I care about my life and my family life!”


…People like Jefferson, who wrote, “no more 9/11,ban all muslims and people of third world of EUA,send all back to yours sh*tholes countries”


It’s hard to tell if they’re trolling, or really that gullible.

There’s no such thing as a “sanctuary state,” which this Republican vows to protect Florida from becoming. Therein lies the absurdity… he’s creating an invisible, non-existent threat, and combining it with the fear of you or a loved one dying.

He even brought his daughter Kate into the mix, saying “how this could have happened to any family, anywhere,” implying that all immigrants like to murder white girls.

Politicians jumped on the Kathryn Steinle case to capitalize on fear and hatred of immigrants. The case had nothing to do with immigration or politics, there just simply wasn’t enough evidence to convict Garcia Zarate of murder for a bullet that ricocheted off a concrete walkway, just like there wasn’t enough evidence to convict Casey Anthony.

“Whether you’re a liberal or a conservative, everyone was horrified by the shooting of Kate Steinle,” said Jim Hammer, a former San Francisco prosecutor. “I don’t think liberals are more likely to let a murderer go if they’re convinced he’s guilty. I think that’s nonsense.” (NBC)

In politics though, there is no shame. So they rolled with this story, making Garcia the poster boy for all those “illegal immigrants” they’re trying to paint as murderers and rapists. Then they took it a step further and convinced their constituents that all liberals want murderers to go free, which is not true.

Richard Corcoran exploited this tragedy to push his agenda forward, taking advantage of people’s fear and hatred.

What about law enforcement?

As if cops don’t have enough work to do, HB9 would require local law enforcement to do the work of ICE. It’s hard enough keeping us safe from Florida Man, and this bill would give them much more paperwork and responsibilities.

It would also allow cops to honor warrantless ICE detainer requests, violating people’s civil rights.

Times are changing

We still have a lot of stupid people (Florida Man and Florida Woman) that fall for propaganda, but we also have a lot of good Floridians to balance things out:

Republican Scare-Mongering on “Sanctuary Cities” Backfires, Democrats Win Big Upset in Florida Special Election


Florida Man Exploits a Tragedy to Trick Fearful People

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This is… controversial for sure. I dont like the idea of people hopping the border illegally, that’s bad for the economy. But legal immigrants? Sure, send em over.