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Pensacola Man rents his home for $250 on Craigslist

Here’s a copy of the original post from Craigslist (link at the bottom)…

UPDATE: someone responded to this ad and filmed his encounters. Scroll down to the video to watch.

$250 House near Forest Oaks Plaza (Pensacola)

Hi. I’m a Single, divorced white male with blonde hair, and a beard that is a Priest and Minister that was written about in the Bible before evil translators removed my name. My house is my Church and I am God’s only real Priest and Minister. I recently raised a girl from the dead a 3rd time after she was dead 3 weeks and have healed people and exorcised Satan and demons. I was married 7 years to a very beautiful woman. In a separate Personals Ad I will create I will be searching for a beautiful woman and adult girl to date and marry. My house is big and the person that lives with me can live in the bedroom with me which is being if it is a woman or in the living room of the house. I also recently thought the hot water heater gas turned on and I do have hot water now. The bathroom is connected through a hallway from my bedroom and from the living room and it has a door that you can shut for privacy. You will share the kitchen with me and you may need to purchase a refrigerator. I have a microwave oven and a stove that you can cook on that I will share with you and also a crock pot. I get food stamps. I am retired. I can share one or two portable tables and chairs with you but have no bed for you. You can bring your own bed and or buy an air mattress and I have a pump to Pump It Up. They are cheap. I have a small very light flat screen TV connected to a very big antenna and converter box in my bedroom with a long cable on it and I get free TV service this way and pick up TV stations mainly from Mobile Alabama and get some stations from Pensacola Florida where I live. And I get from 28 to 32 Channel and several news channels movie channels and religious channels and history type channels. There is no charge for TV service except if you have your own TV I will need to purchase a converter box for your TV and some cable for the TV that is long enough to reach my antenna in my room and so I would charge you for that about 50 to $70. If you are a woman you can watch TV with me and my bedroom or in the kitchen when I go in there. I have a lawn mower to cut my grass and you will need to pay for half of the lawn mower gas and half of the electric utility bill and I’m only charging $250 or rent. I, Johm am not a gay man and am a heterosexual man and have never had sex with a man and I’m not attracted sexually to men. There are two houses at my address which my landlord owns and my house is the house behind the house on the road and there are 2 mailboxes at my location and the one not mine at the front on the road is 533 corday Street Pensacola Florida 32503 which is the house at the road and my house is behind it and my address is 533 B corday Street Pensacola Florida 32503 and there are 2 mailboxes at this location and one mailbox just says 533(not mine) and then there’s a mailbox a few feet up Corday St that has this on it “533 B John S B” on it. And passed it a little way about 15 feet past box that 533 on it and to the left of my box, 533 B John S B is a dirt and gravel road that goes down behind the first house on the road to my house to the end of the road about 50 ft down the road and it is a green house with my number on the house 533b and there is a fence around my house and there is a mobile home park in front of my house and there are a lot of Christmas trees around my house and it is a very nice neighborhood and very quiet place and nobody bothers me here.

craigslist ad tv priest


533b Corday St
Pensacola, FL 32503

Original URL: https://pensacola.craigslist.org/roo/d/house-near-forest-oaks-plaza/6231959798.html




Welp, turns out this guy, John Bulla, is a registered sex offender… (for incest apparently). This could work in your favor, maybe try to talk him down in price because of that. Happy house hunting, and good luck!

He’s from Kansas, which is more evidence for our claim that Florida Man is rarely a Native.

Investigative Journalism:

Michael Rosen took the initiative to go undercover and look into this ad, here’s the original video posted on YouTube:


Our brave soul is back to interview Pensacola Man John Bulla and learn more about his church…

More Florida Shenanigans:

WTFF News: F*ckery You Can Count On. – Twitter: @DafuqFlorida – WTFFlorida.com

The FWC is still investigating the shark torture incident – Sign the Petition to indict them.

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