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Florida Culinary Arts School

WTF Florida is branching out to build a college. We are just as legit as Full Sail, Keiser University, Florida Memorial, and Trump University. Your degree will be totally valid, and we promise you won’t get laughed at for showing your diploma to an out-of-state employer. Learn the art of cooking really fucking fantastic food. Impress your friends and maybe even get laid with your knowledge of manipulating the taste buds into savory surrender.

*Honest Disclaimer: we are completely full of shit just like most of these private colleges

At WTFF University’s Culinary Program, you will learn many things about working in the kitchen. Here’s some examples below:

Learn how to make fried chips, a delicacy in North Florida:


Impress your friends with this ancient Florida recipe involving curdled milk, steak, and jelly beans:



Popcorn Tacos for the next Guillermo del Toro movie:


Learn food safety techniques such as washing bread:


Presentation is EVERYTHING! Learn how to turn food into aesthetically pleasing and tasty art:


Promote dental hygiene with our very modern “tooth-conscious” meals:


Take a class on kitchen cleanliness with the amazing Pensacola Man, Priest John Bulla:

Celebrate American culture with a classic hot dog:


Learn how to cook for a large group of people:


Use magical science to duplicate food:


Stay hydrated with electrolytes during Thanksgiving:


Learn that food is more important than all the money we’re going to take from you:


We will train you to ALWAYS be prepared to cook a meal:

If you graduate from our fantastic school, you will know how to make the infamous Florida Banana Bread:


There’s plenty more to learn about food at WTFF University. Open enrollment starts soon. We are fully accredited by the National Board of Fucked Up Stupid Shit in the State of Florida.

Florida Culinary Arts School

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