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Mother and son catch on fire after pouring gasoline onto a bonfire

Lee County (WTFF) – A North Fort Myers man and his mother are recovering from severe burns after the son poured a gasoline tank onto a fire, causing an explosion.

On Monday morning an explosion went off near a home on Marx Drive in the Suncoast Estates neighborhood.

“Is this a dream? Am I dreaming…?” asked Jesse’s brother as he looked around in disbelief. His skin looked like melted plastic and his body was 90% burnt.

Jesse Iyvers, his brother, told Fox4 that “All of his pants and boxers were burnt to his skin.”

His brother and their mom were setting up a bonfire that morning to help warm up (it’s really cold this time of year for us Florida folk).

He did what many of us here have done (though we might not admit it after reading this article)…

While the fire was going, he doused the wood with gasoline from the container.

It exploded.

The fire burnt his brother and their mom. Jesse recalls the tragedy:

“It happened a little bit too fast. The fire, I guess, it caught the fumes from the gas can on fire and it exploded.”

He wasn’t sure how pouring a jug of gasoline onto an open flame could have ended this way, saying:

“We’ve done this plenty of times before and this is the first time it happened.”

The two victims were transported to the hospital for their burns.

Mother and son catch on fire after pouring gasoline onto a bonfire

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