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Anti-Masker Goes Ape on Old Lady

Fort Myers (WTFF) – A Florida man angrily swore at an elderly woman who asked him to wear a mask during the coronavirus epidemic.

This took place on June 27 at a Costco in the Gulf Coast Town Center in Fort Myers, according to Billy Corben, who posted the video on Twitter.

The man filming stepped in to defend the elderly lady from the raging man in flip flops.

The angry Florida man was wearing a t-shirt featuring a picture of the modern United States with the tagline, “Running the World Since 1776.”

A handgun can be seen underneath his shirt.

“I feel threatened!” yelled the violent American creature, in preparation to exploit the Stand Your Ground laws that help many people get away with murder.

Costco staff escorted the abusive Florida man out of the store and waited with the customer he targeted to make sure they were okay.

The Florida man throwing the temper tantrum was later identified as Daniel Maples by News-Press.

His employer, Ted Todd Insurance, fired him on Tuesday, reports Click Orlando.

Daniel Maples had been with the company since 2016. His bio on the website (later removed) read that he likes, “hot yoga, traveling, cooking and mentoring others.”

Backup video:

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1 year ago

>walks towards the guy

3 years ago

It’s true, we see this all the time. Here in rural Florida, people that cause trouble get sent to the hospital. No mask? Stay the fuck away!