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Robert E. Lee Statue Knocked Down

Robert E. Lee statue in Fort Myers, Florida

Fort Myers (WTFF) – A statue of a confederate general was found face down on the ground with screws around it on Monday morning.

“It’s not known” how the Robert E. Lee statue was separated from the larger monument, or who did it, reports WCSC.

The Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce said the “southernmost battle of the Civil War” took place around this area months before the conflict ended.

Robert E. Lee’s a pretty big deal to Lee County, which is named after him.

Critics of the statue claim that it honors people who fought for slavery and white supremacy.

The North, or the Union that became America wasn’t much better in terms of ethics or moral responsibility though, as they kept slaves while “abolishing slavery” in the South, and look how that nation turned out today.

Defenders of the Confederate monuments argue that they represent heritage, not hatred, and serve as important reminders of the lessons our country can learn from its history and the Civil War.

Do Confederate monuments present heritage or hate?

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The statue was put back up that evening by the Sons of Confederate Veterans, as reported by WINK News.


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