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Buried Alive

There was once this young girl who became very sick, and her condition became so bad that everyone thought she was dead. This was before the time of embalming. Some ladies came and fixed the girl, put her in her casket, and then they had her funeral.

After the funeral they took her to the cemetery to bury her. It was the custom to open the casket at the cemetery and let everyone see her once more.

When they opened her casket they saw that she had revived sometime while she had been in there, turned herself completely over and pulled her hair so that in both hands she held big wads of her hair that she had pulled out. By this time it was too late, and she had really died sometime since they put her in the casket.

As told by Mrs. I. L. Campbell of Panama City, 1955

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Buried Alive

Category: Folk Tales
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