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Pasco County Man Shoots Dog for Pooping in House

Zephyrhills (WTFF) – A Florida man was arrested for allegedly shooting a dog after the pooch pooped in his house on Sunday evening.

The 13-year-old chocolate lab mix survived. and was taken to an emergency vet, reports WKRN.

80-year-old David Zayas told deputies he shot the dog because it pooped on the floor inside his house.

Like many people in Pasco County, he lives in a trailer on a dirt road. He was born in the state of New York, and in the city of “Conneticut,” according to the booking data. That could mean New Connecticut in Newark Valley in New York state, or perhaps the actual state of Connecticut. Anyway…

The dog belongs to his daughter, who told sheriffs how much her father “hates her dog.”

Deputies told him it was wrong to shoot the pooch. He replied:

“…not where I’m from. It’s totally legal in Connecticut.”

Well, this is Florida, so the transplant’s actions resulted in a felony charge of Cruelty to Animals.

After his arrest, a deputy found the gun in a plant bed behind the mobile home.

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