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Florida Man Philanders Stuffed Animal in Walmart

Sean Johnson, Florida Man

Brooksville (WTFF) – A Florida man caught fornicating a stuffed animal in Walmart is facing charges for indecent exposure and criminal mischief.

19-year-old Sean LaRue Johnson was arrested near the Walmart on Broad Street where he reportedly ejaculated onto a “stuffed toy horse.” (NBC Miami)

Stuffed indeed.

Johnson grabbed the plush horse and took it to the “bedding department,” where he did lewd things to it, police say.

Notably, he “proceeded to hump the stuffed horse utilizing short fast movements,” the arrest affidavit declares.

The comforter was contaminated.

Johnson then put the toy back on the clearance shelf.

Everything was caught on camera.

Johnson fled the store after getting off, but police were able to catch him.

He was taken to the Hernando County Jail and later released after posting $1,500 bail.

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2 years ago



[…] October 14 – It was a regular afternoon when sweet, young Sean Johnson of Brooksville, Florida, ambled into his local Walmart Supercenter and found himself completely beguiled with a stuffed toy horse. Johnson and his new love interest trotted on over to the bedding section where Johnson humped the horses until he orgasmed and ejaculated onto the horse’s chest. Honourable mention to Walmart Associate Chris Neagle who witnessed the clandestine affair and saw Johnson’s…johnson. Potential zoophile on the rise or just a plushie out to hit it and quit it? Only time will tell for this 19 year old Florida Man.  […]

5 years ago

This my birthday and boy am i proud