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Florida Woman Waves Shotgun at Kids Swimming in Canal

Melinda Lee French, Florida Woman

Weeki Wachee (WTFF) – A Florida woman was arrested after reportedly pointing a shotgun at a group of kids playing in the canal behind her home.

61-year-old Melinda French believed the kids were “making too much noise,” Fox 13 reports.

The children were with their families who were having a cookout nearby that Sunday.

Eight children were swimming in the canal behind French’s home when she exited her home holding a shotgun.

She pointed the shotgun towards them while yelling at them to “shut up.”

French may have been intoxicated, officials say.

Nobody died. Nobody got shot.

She’s now facing eight charges of Aggravated Assault with Weapon Without Intent to Kill.

Her bond remains at $8,000.


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I have a good idea what color the kids were…….


I’m a born Floridian.I can handle Florida.But some folks can’t.The heat and humididty is too much for them and their brains boil in their heads.They go crazy,start waving shotguns if some kids make noise.Better you go live in Alaska Ms.French,things are quiet there I hear.