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Florida Boy accidentally stabs himself with pencil

Kolston Moradi

Palm Beach (WTFF) – A student at Wellington’s Equestrian Trails Elementary School nearly died last Wednesday after he plopped down on the floor and a pencil protruding from the side pocket of his backpack stabbed six inches into his armpit, puncturing an artery.

“He wasn’t screaming or crying or saying anything,” said Mandi Kapopoulos, a teacher who traced the trail of blood which she first thought was juice. “There were pools of blood at his feet and his whole shirt was covered in blood.”

She made him a tourniquet by pulling her arm inside her shirt and wrapping the sleeve around third-grader Kolston Moradi, according to sun-sentinel.com.

wptv.com reports that 8-year-old Kolston had just sharpened the pencil and placed it point up in his backpack sleeve.

“When I went to go sit down, it stabbed me in my artery,” he said.

The pencil impaled his brachial artery.

“I didn’t really feel anything,” said Florida Boy.

Florida Boy accidentally stabs himself with pencil

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