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Florida Woman Refuses to Pay Bar Tab

Melissa Brown, Florida Woman

Stuart (WTFF) – A Florida woman is facing a couple misdemeanors over failing to pay for some vodka and pizza, according to the Martin County Sheriff’s Office.

The arrest affidavit states that on June 6, Melissa Brown refused to pay her bar tab at Manatee Island Bar & Grill.

Upon seeing the cops, the 42-year-old Jensen Beach resident quickly ran into the men’s room and then the women’s room.

After about ten minutes, a female deputy entered to check on her.

They both walked out together and the arresting officer started to interview Brown.

According to the report, her eyelids were low, her eyes were bloodshot and glassy, her breath reeked of alcohol, and she had poor balance.

She also had “a large wet spot on her pants which smelt of urine.”

“I didn’t bring any money for the stuff I had,” she told the officer when asked if she’d like to pay her bill.

The officer explained to the drunk, urine-soaked Florida Woman that failure to pay would be considered stealing.

“No, I’m not stealing. I just don’t feel like I should have to pay for it, ya know,” she replied.

She was given an option to call a friend who could pay for the bill over the phone, to which she answered, “Well I can’t do that really.”

Brown kept staring at her phone and started to walk away while the cop asked for her name.

She stumbled towards another officer and refused to say who she was.

“Stop resisting, and calm down!” yelled the cop as he grabbed her arm.

The frightened creature jerked away in a clumsy effort to escape.

She was handcuffed.

“I did not do anything!” she screamed repeatedly.

The total bill was $30.36 for a few Ketel One drinks, a pepperoni pizza and sales tax.

After arriving to the jail, she resisted booking by screaming and jerking away from the grips of her captors.

She’s facing charges for defrauding an innkeeper (under 300 dollars) and obstruction without violence.

Today in court she made a plea of not guilty. She requested a jury trial and has been scheduled to appear again on July 22.

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Um Lauts
Um Lauts
3 years ago

The officer explained to the drunk, urine-soaked Florida Woman that failure to pay would be considered stealing”

That’s why I come here every day; for the learning experience. We’re never too old to learn!

4 years ago

Sounds like you’re typical “I deserve public assistance but fuck everyone else who needs it” republican

4 years ago

Must be a Democrat!

4 years ago

“No, I’m not stealing. I just don’t feel like I should have to pay for it, ya know,” she replied.

The only thing we know for sure is she’s a Democrat.