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Clay County Man Stabs Brother over a Krystal Burger

Logan Cassity

Clay County (WTFF) – A Florida man was accused of stabbing his brother in the back over a Krystal burger.

19-year-old Logan Cassity was arrested for “intentionally stabbing the victim in the back against his will, causing great bodily harm,” according to a police report collected by Action News Jax.

Apparently he went to the Krystal restaurant on Blanding Blvd. and ordered 24 little burgers. The employees said his behavior was “off,” which is pretty normal for Florida Man.

His brother/victim Christian spoke to the news station who asked him about getting stabbed over some fast food:

“That’s between me and my brother. It should have never of gone that far. It was over stupid crap, but i don’t want to talk about it.”

Tiny hamburgers seem to be the cause, but we can’t really verify that yet until we read the arrest report. It could just be a cheap ploy for news agencies to write another Florida Man article. WTFF News is not the king of sensationalized, stupid, suggestive, inflammatory articles that cherry-pick information to rally simpletons into clicking on stories of bad decisions to distract them from their own chaos… we just do what all the other news agencies do. Difference is, we don’t take ourselves seriously.

Also worth mentioning because of the slight pun, Christian told the pestering reporter, “We have enough on our plates now that he’s in prison.”

Clay County Man Stabs Brother over a Krystal Burger

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steve o

ban poles. also sticks.


ban florida mans


ban tiny ass cheeseburgers


ban knives