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Jacksonville Racing Greyhounds Test Positive for Cocaine


ORANGE PARK, FL – Jacksonville greyhound trainer Charles McClellan had his license suspended after 12 dogs tested positive for cocaine. He has since lost his job, and is scheduled for a hearing on August 23.

The dogs were racers at Bestbet Orange Park, just south of Jacksonville, in Clay County.

Out of the 19 tracks open in the United States, 12 of them are in Florida. Most other states, 40 to be exact, have outlawed dog racing. Here in the good-ol-boy south we still race dogs… and fill them with yayo just to add that extra Florida edge.

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened, in fact since 2008 over 60 coked-up dogs have been discovered in the Sunshine State. WTLV-TV first reported on this incident, and released a statement from spokesperson Michael Munz:

“Bestbet Orange Park completely supports the swift action taken by the state in this matter and as always, fully cooperated with state officials as they conducted their random and routine tests. Bestbet Orange Park maintains a zero-tolerance policy for any trainer or staff member that does anything which puts one of the dog’s health at risk. In this instance, the process carried out by the state of Florida and the regulators was carefully followed under state law. The bottom line is, the system worked.” 

Well obviously the system isn’t working if your people are doping up these dogs and getting away with it for so long.

Munz also said, “the trainer’s license was revoked for life and he was removed from the premises.” State records indicate that Munz was lying, because his license was NOT revoked, but only suspended.

One of the powder-nosed pooches named “Flicka,” won first place in a March 1st race, and tested positive for cocaine on that same day during a state investigation. They also discovered coke in another dog, Castle Rock, the following day. More cocaine tests were administered, and dogs tested positive on March 5, 15, 23, 27, 29 and 31.

Dr. Scott Stanley, a UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine toxicologist, says that although there’s no reliable research studies, anecdotal evidence does indicate the obvious:

“We know the two fastest races of Flicka’s career were races which she tested positive for cocaine,” he says. “Let me be clear: She has 169 official races in her career. The two fastest times of her career are the two races in which she tested positive for cocaine. That’s incredibly disturbing.”

Flicka is alive and well. AP reports that her last race was on June 1.

Dear dog racers, we don’t care what people snort up their nose recreationally (looking at you, Miami), but you fuckers need to stop abusing dogs.

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Jacksonville Racing Greyhounds Test Positive for Cocaine

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