Cocaine Found Inside Key West Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster Cocaine

Cocaine users are always seeking new and creative ways to hide their product. Florida is showing signs of evolution, but hasn’t quite caught up yet…

Deep down in the Florida Keys, a Monroe County deputy was watching traffic. He noticed a car driving by with really dark tint, and an obscured license plate. The deputy followed to investigate.

When the driver of the vehicle, Camus McNair, rolled his window down during the traffic stop, the deputy caught a huge whiff of dank reefer.

Weed isn’t totally legal here yet, and all a cop has to do is say they smell weed if they want to search your car, so our Florida Man submitted… The deputy poked around the car and found a backpack….

Inside the backpack was a Cookie Monster doll. This puzzled the deputy, it’s strange even for Florida, and a little too heavy…

He cut the doll open and found two packages of cocaine sitting in the Cookie Monster’s tummy.

There was also some paperwork not belonging to the driver in the backpack, Local 10 reports.

McNair was arrested and is facing felony charges.


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