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Florida Woman Tries Ordering French Fries at Taco Bell

Oakland Park (WTFF) — A woman in Florida walked into an Oakland Park Taco Bell and ordered french fries.

Tyler John posted a video to Facebook with the caption “Seriously this just happened. Have it your way?”

This took place in the Taco Bell at 593 E Oakland Park Blvd, Oakland Park, FL 33334.

Florida Woman walks into the establishment and orders a medium french fry. The cashier explains that “we don’t sell french fries,” because “this is Taco Bell.”

Florida Woman then escalates the drama by insisting that she “literally” remembers being able to… (she starts mumbling incoherently, but our Florida dialect specialists concurred that she meant something like “I was able to order french fries at Taco Bell before, and I’m very upset that you are not permitting me to do so again.”)

The cashier says they don’t serve french fries, and then lightly trolls the delusional woman by saying very matter-of-factly, “Welcome to Taco Bell, may I help you today?” in hopes that it may reset her brain.

While Florida Woman was raging hot in a possibly-drug-induced psychosis, the cashier remained calm and cool.

The dialogue deteriorates further.

“This is racism at it’s fucking finest” yells the feral Florida Woman at a crowd of diners, in her last desperate move.

She pulled her white privilege card, but it has exhausted its resources.

With her white card balance at zero, her drug-induced words only deepened the divide within the restaurant and exposed her true deviousness.

“Would you go to Burger King and order tilapia or a taco?” asks a patron of the fast food joint.

Other restaurant-goers chime in and Florida Woman banters back. One yells out, “you’re ignorant as fuck,” to which she denies the assertion.

The idiocy continues. Florida Woman fights back tears as she starts to realize that she might not get her fries at Taco Bell.

A manager comes out and tries to resolve the situation with her calm, cool, Haïtien mama demeanor, and soothes the frightened creature. Florida Woman soon gives up and leaves.

We are not sure how she got home, but if you ever wonder who these people are that drive around with no lights at night, and never use turn signals… well, here’s one example. It’s Florida Woman.

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Florida Woman Tries Ordering French Fries at Taco Bell

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