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Port St. Lucie Man Gets a DUI on a Lawn Mower

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(WTFF) – A man was arrested and charged with a DUI after police saw him riding a lawn mower erratically on an access road while carrying a case of beer.

A PSL police officer saw Kenneth Burton Alleshouse on his drunken excursion on Nov. 3 around 6:15 pm. Kenneth is 56 years old.

He was driving like a mad man down an access road, so it’s not like he was just out mowing has lawn and having a beer.

On his mower, he carried with him not only a beer, but a trusty 12-pack of Budweiser.

His blood alcohol level was over three times the legal limit. The Polk County Woman who got a DUI on a horse was only twice the legal limit, so this is a big improvement.

According to wptv.com the officer could smell “a strong odor of alcohol emitting from him.”

Kenneth Burton Alleshouse
Kenneth Burton Alleshouse

This is not Florida Man’s first bad encounter with a lawn mower:

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Port St. Lucie Man Gets a DUI on a Lawn Mower

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