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Stabbing Drinking Game Lands Florida Woman in Jail

Fort Pierce (WTFF) – A Florida woman was arrested after playing a drinking game where the loser gets stabbed.

41-year-old Belinda Latice Adams of Fort Pierce told deputies that she was indeed playing, and that her opponent “stabbed himself because he lost the game,” as reported from an arrest affidavit collected by TC Palm.

Deputies were alerted to the situation after a student at an elementary school disclosed that a family member had been bleeding.

Adams explained “the rules of the game were that the loser had to stab themselves with a screwdriver.”

Investigators talked to the man who played against her, and he told them the wound on his shoulder came about because he fell.

They asked him if he played the drinking game, and he said he did.

He said that he lost, and told Adams to stab him.

The incident reportedly happened on May 24.

Adams was taken to jail and charged with aggravated battery.

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2 years ago


4 years ago

If he stabbed himself why is she guilty of battery?