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82,000 stolen guns in Florida have never been found

Since 2007, at least 82,000 guns have been reported stolen in Florida and never found.


That’s 22 guns a day, stolen.

For the past 10 years, on almost every hour, some idiot lets their gun get stolen.

Every day, 22 new guns are out on the street in the hands of Florida Man and Florida Woman. They’re for sale. They’re used in home robberies. Your daughter’s Florida Man boyfriend carries one on him at all times.

WTSP reports 9,000 guns missing in Tampa Bay alone.

Empty gun case

Not letting your gun get stolen is what separates Florida men from Florida Man.

Don’t be a dumb fuck.

Store guns so they are not accessible to unauthorized persons. (NRA)

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82,000 stolen guns in Florida have never been found

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2 years ago



[…] thefts are common in Florida. From 2007-2017, an average of 22 guns are stolen every day, and that’s just the reported thefts in our state. One teen stole an AR-15 from the back of […]