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Naked Florida man takes a dump and bicycles away

PORT ST. LUCIE — A man exposed himself at a local business before bicycling away naked.

That’s what a woman told Port St. Lucie police happened Jan. 23 at a home health care business in the 100 block of Southwest Port St. Lucie Boulevard, a police report states.

The woman said a man in his late teens or early 20s exposed himself from the waist down to several students there.

The accused nether regions exposer “defecated in the back of the school near their air-conditioning unit then took off running towards the front of the school while naked,” the report states.

PSL police report

People typically defecate in toilets, rather than in close proximity to air conditioners. The man, who had a green hoodie and black backpack, pedaled away on a blue bicycle. Police looked around the area but couldn’t find the suspect.

The report didn’t identify the resources dumped into the search for the accused nude bicycler.

Source: tcpalm.com

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