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Florida Boy who reported classmate to ICE ends up far left and far right websites

Gainesville (WTFF) – Cory Carnley, the high school student who bragged on Reddit about trying to get an undocumented classmate deported, was kicked out of school, supposedly.

As reported by babe.net, this high school senior who spends a lot of time saying the n-word online (because people like him will never say it in public) “is no longer attending GHS” according to Gainesville High Principal David Shelnutt.

According to squawker.org, the entire babe article was just a liberal feminist rant, and the kid wasn’t actually expelled, as the Principal allegedly said “No student has been expelled from Gainesville High School since I started here as principal in 2011.”

Here’s a screenshot of his Reddit post:

Like many Trumpanzees, he believes, or pretends to believe, that Trump has “saved Christmas,” so to speak, by falsely insinuating that saying “Merry Christmas” was ever something be afraid of. It never was. This whole meme is just a big ruse. But there are people stupid enough to fall into this trap… or is he just trolling IRL?

It’s hard to tell if he’s really that fucking stupid, or if he’s merely pretending to be a Trump supporter.

Given some of his comments, he probably really is a Trump fan (not to be confused with Republicans, they are very different things):

According to the babe article, he already deleted his Reddit account, but this is the internet, and nothing ever really disappears. Except our hope. Because people like this exist.

Lefties and Righties pounced on this opportunity to validate whatever they believe. Using his internet silliness as ammo, Lefties try to convince other Lefties that all Republicans are Trumpanzees. Given how the Lefties used this incident as click-bait for eager liberals hoping he got expelled, Righties found a way to justify his deplorable behavior because of “fake news” claims. We don’t care enough to bother contacting the school to find out what really happened, and they’re remaining hushed anyway.

The wording is everything. One site claims he was “kicked out” of school, while the other screams “fake news” because he wasn’t technically “expelled.”

If anyone can provide more proof, we will post it. Until then, just laugh and stop letting stupid news polarize us.

Basically this kid’s an idiotic troll and we all got trolled, which makes us all idiots.

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Florida Boy who reported classmate to ICE ends up far left and far right websites

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6 years ago

Just like our elected Moron in Chief. What an idiot!

6 years ago

When reporting a crime gets you expelled

Liberals are a different species