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Cocoa Man Falls Three Stories While Possibly Trying Parkour

Cocoa Parkour accident

Cocoa (WTFF) – A man was airlifted to a hospital after falling off the roof of a 3-story building in Cocoa while possibly doing parkour.

Cocoa Man (his real name was not yet released) fell from the rooftop of 100 Harrison St. on Sunday before noon.

Luckily, no important organs were damaged, as WFTV reports that he ”suffered a possible head injury” according to the Cocoa Police Department. It’s not like Florida Man or his counterparts really use anything in there.

Him and two of his Florida buddies were spotted by eyewitnesses hanging out on the rooftop several minutes before Cocoa Man’s plummet.

It’s possible they were trying parkour, which they probably can’t even pronounce right.

Parkour is one of the evolutions of obstacle courses, where people jump and twist their way around buildings, rails, walls, etc. with as little wasted motion as possible. Parkour is not simply doing flips and jumping from roof to roof because you’re bored… that’s just called being a fucking idiot.

The cops found a ladder around back that “was not secure,” because Florida Man and safety never mix.

Cocoa Man was airlifted to Holmes Regional Hospital.

Cocoa Man Falls Three Stories While Possibly Trying Parkour

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