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Florida Woman attacks husband with Toilet Lid

Here in Sebastian we have a 48-year-old woman who, according to an affidavit, attacked her husband with a toilet lid. Angela Austin-Knight was arrested for domestic violence after police showed up in the 900 block of Truman Street in Sebastian, Florida.

The frightened husband told the 911 dispatcher that he “locked himself in the bathroom and his wife was attempting to gain access using a porcelain toilet lid.”

When the cops arrived they found her standing in the kitchen holding a bottle of liquor.

Apparently they had been arguing, and as the intensity grew, this wild banshee woman started to  “chaotically swing” at him, hitting him in the face and chest. He did what any man would do and ran away to hide in the bathroom.

Angela Austin-Knight
The Toilet Lid Terrorist

“After realizing the door was locked, Angela then grabbed a nearby porcelain toilet lid, and used it to break the kitchen window, where she made entry into the residence,” states the affidavit.

Once she gained access, she “threatened to hurt him further with the porcelain toilet lid.”

Austin-Knight, our femme fatale Floridian, gave the police several different statements about the wild night. She was extremely intoxicated, as most Florida people are at all times. She was arrested that night of Oct. 17, 2015 and taken to jail.

Florida Woman attacks husband with Toilet Lid

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