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Florida Mom arrested after cops find her child in a dog kennel

Meet Carrie Richburg, arrested for child neglect. This Holt resident was “cursing in a loud voice at unseen persons in trees” when the cops showed up, so apparently she was tripping balls throughout this whole ungracefully tragic Florida drama:

This is all started when Carrie got into an argument with her other white trash neighbor about white trash stuff. Carrie Richburg did what any Floridian would do, and set her 16-month-old child down in the middle of the road so she go bitch mode (the remnants of which can seen in the photo)

Carrie Richburg
Carrie Richburg

So now that her kid was strategically placed in the middle of street, she could continue to bitch at her neighbor, un-intruded by the pesky boy-thing. This slowly began to gather some attention, and someone eventually called the cops.

While this loud, obnoxious confrontation was taking place, our brave trailer-baby crawled to safety into a dog kennel, 100 feet away on a neighboring property.

The mom refused to get the child once the cops showed up, so deputies went to pick him up and found that the toddler was covered in ant bites from being inside the dog kennel.

Richburg was charged with a felony count of child neglect and a misdemeanor for “disturbing the peace…”

Disturbing, yes.

Okaloosa County, she put you on the map.

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Florida Mom arrested after cops find her child in a dog kennel

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