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Florida Man tries selling a stolen car back to the owner

Here we have an ambitious young man living in Daytona. At only 20 years old, Devin Hoyt-Thayer came up with a clever way to capitalize on a car he recently stole.

Devin Hoyt-Thayer
This Daytona resident stole a car and tried selling it back to the owner for a hunna fiddy dollars

Walter Potts, who was the victim of this car theft, received a phone call from Devin who told him he knew where the car was. Potts was told to show up at the Save-a-Lot at 288 Nova Road, with $150, where someone would deliver the keys.

So they met. Cops were waiting inside an unmarked vehicle watching the whole thing.

The police report states that when Devin arrived at the Save-a-Lot and showcased the keys in all his salesperson glory , officers stepped up. Devin noticed this and started running toward the parking lot of O’Reilly Auto Parts, 145 N. Nova. He tried hiding inside, but obviously was not at ninja level, given the fact he spent Monday night at Volusia County Branch Jail.

In fact, Devin was simply “hiding” in the aisle of the store, presumably acting like a nonchalant shopper. After ditching the keys, our young business man thought he could trick these pigs.

His bail is only $2,500 which is still a massive number compared to the $150 he tried to score for this stolen vehicle. Maybe he’s not such a bad person, I mean that’s a good deal for a car… He told the cops he only charged Walter ten bucks for the car keys.

Nice try Devin… but as far as actually thinking this would work… WTF?

So here is today’s marketing plan brought to you from Florida:

  1. Steal car
  2. Locate owner
  3. Offer to sell the car back to the owner
  4. Profit
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Florida Man tries selling a stolen car back to the owner

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