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Motorcycling Florida Man Ran From Cops Because He’s “Dumb”

Umatilla (WTFF) – A Florida man caught fleeing from law enforcement was arrested on Saturday, Cinco de Mayo.

A sheriff was told to be on the lookout for a motorcycle with two riders that was fleeing from a traffic stop. A black Yamaha R1 matching the description zipped past him on West Second Ave.

The motorcycle pulled up to a home and the driver “looked back,” saw the cop, and “ran on foot to to the rear of residence,” according to the arrest affidavit. It’s not clear from the report if the passenger just stayed put or ran too, but only the driver was arrested.

“Show me your hands!” shouted the sheriff, but 23-year-old Paul Meadors kept running. He’s a Florida Native, born in Longwood.

In true Florida Man fashion, he “attempted to hide underneath a camper” and got tazed.

While being arrested, the sheriff ask him why he fled.

He replied, “I don’t know, I guess I was dumb.”

The tag was not assigned to any vehicle.

Florida Man Paul was charged with Resisting Officer Obstruction W/O Violence, Nonmoving Traffic Violation – License Plate Not Attached, Resisting Officer Flee Elude LEO w/ Lights Siren Active, and Flee/Elude Police Fail to Obey LEO Order to Stop.

He bailed out for $8,500 the same day.

Motorcycling Florida Man Ran From Cops Because He’s “Dumb”

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