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Bradenton Man Makes Underwater Glock 9mm to Hunt Lionfish

A Florida man is redefining the lionfish hunt after he posted a video on YouTube of himself shooting a lionfish with a Glock handgun at point-blank range.

Courtland Hunt, of Bradenton, posted the video on YouTube last week, which shows off his modified Glock handgun firing underwater and killing a lionfish, an invasive species in Florida’s waters, WTSP reports. According to the video, Hunt was 100 feet underwater in the Gulf of Mexico. The gun was modified it to include a longer barrel and non-toxic lead-free ammunition.

“People ask me ‘why?’ and I say honestly, I’m fascinated by guns, but tired of seeing videos on ‘how many watermelons, CD’s, or marshmallows can a bullet travel through. Those things have no applications for me, however I can now tell you that if a shark (or watermelon) were to attack me at almost any depth that a Glock 9mm would surely protect me,” Hunt told Outdoors 360. Hunt added that all of the modifications were done in the presence of Airborne Arms Inc., and Lone World Glock Parts and Accessories.

Bradenton Man Makes Underwater Glock 9mm to Hunt Lionfish

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