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Miami Woman Rides Terrified Horse into Nightclub

A bikini-clad Miami woman rode a horse into Mokai Lounge in Miami Beach Thursday, March 8, 2018. The animal slipped (metal shoes and slick dance floors are not a good combination), throwing her off. Video by Leeza Marie Juelle via Facebook.

“What kind of idiot would do something like this to an animal and endanger people’s lives at that club?” asked Mayor Dan Gelber.

Well, Florida Woman would. Or the idiot who hired her to do this, if that’s how it went down (likely, but that’s only a conjecture).

Selfishness and stupidity go hand in hand. People often neglect the welfare of other living creatures in order to entertain themselves. It’s a sad fact of life. Floridians, on the other hand, love and respect animals (even the human ones). Be more like a Floridian, and less like the editorial Florida Woman.

The horse was a Mokai, and was found Friday night in Miami-Dade County, though officials wouldn’t tell the Miami Herald where exactly. The horse was inspected and found to be healthy and safe.

The night club was shut down and police are investigating.

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2 years ago


6 years ago

I own three Arabian Mares and train horses and would NEVER put their lives in danger like that idiot did. She’s lucky nothing happened to that horse while it slipped and fell and she’s lucky it didn’t kick any of the people in the club. That would have been a disaster. I’m sure that horse will have trust issues with its owner going forward. Any horse owner knows that horses freak out in confined places especially where there’s loud music and a lot of loud people. She should be charged for animal cruelty and have that horse taken away from her before she causes more damage .