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Florida man unplugs bounce house, trapping kids inside

A Port St. Lucie mother is peeved after a neighbor’s actions landed two children in the hospital.

Deborah Romero threw a party for her daughter when all of the sudden the bounce house deflated, reports CBS 12.

Nearly a dozen 2-3-year-olds were trapped inside under the hot and heavy plastic. She recalled that one child had to be pulled out by his leg. Of the two hospital-bound children, one was treated for distress while the other was checked for injuries.

“We were very nervous about the kids because it was extremely hot, and they were trapped inside the bounce house,” she said.

According to Romero, one of the family members investigated what might have caused the deflation. They quickly followed the cord to the bounce house, noting that someone unplugged it.

One quick look at the cameras and the family saw an older man in his 60s wandering onto their property, unplugging the bounce house and leaving the scene.

Police searched the neighborhood for the man but have yet to identify him.

Romero says that her family installed cameras around their home in the first place because someone cut the cord to their Christmas lights during the holiday season.

Source: rare.us

Florida man unplugs bounce house, trapping kids inside

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