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Deputies Taze Naked Man in The Villages… Twice

Justin Lee Guscinski

It’s the middle of the night in the Village of Buttonwood. Most of the retirees are sleeping peacefully, blissfully unaware that a naked man is running around outside…

An awake member of The Villages Community Watch spotted the naked man, and called Sumter County Sheriff’s office around 12:30 am Sunday.

Deputies arrived and found Justin Lee Guscinski outside of his home at 876 Pengrove Pass Court. He was smoking weed out of a silver pipe.

When he saw the cops, he did the responsible thing and ran towards the safety of his house.

Deputies approached him, and he yelled out:

“You are on my property, I have the legal right to shoot you!”

He shoved a deputy and ran inside for safety.

The cops told him to come outside, and when Guscinski poked his head out for a moment, they tazed him.

He tried to pull the prongs out, and ran around from room to room as another officer tazed him.

He was taken to a hospital and fought with the nurse as they were putting his IV in. He even kicked a nurse in the head during his freak-out.

At 30 years old, he is one of the youngest members of The Villages, the world’s largest retirement city. Federal law governing 55+ communities states that 80% of the homes have to be owned by someone 55 or older. The other 20% are fair game…

According to villages-news.com he was booked at the Sumter County Detention Center on two third-degree felony counts of battery as well as charges of marijuana possession, possession of drug equipment and battery of a firefighter/EMT/officer. Bond was set at $17,000.

Deputies Taze Naked Man in The Villages… Twice

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