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Elderly Florida Man Points Gun & Knife at Escort, Assaults Her

Naples (WTFF) – A 71-year-old man was arrested for threatening and assaulting a woman he met on a sugar daddy website.

Joshua Lewin pointed the gun and waved the knife at the woman while demanding his money back after not “proving services,” Collier County deputies say in an arrest affidavit.

When deputies responded to the 911 call on Mockingbird Drive, they found that the victim had cuts on her eyebrows, which were bleeding and swollen.

She was reportedly low on on rent money, so Lewin agreed to help her.

The two sat in the kitchen eating after he handed her $400.

That’s when she said he got angry.

Lewin began getting aggressive with her and demanded a refund while pointing a gun at her. He eventually put the gun down and picked up a knife, this time only demanding a partial refund of $200.

He hit her in the face while trying to grab her cell phone.

She was able to escape and meet her friend down the street.

The woman gave deputies video of the man admitting to the incident.

When deputies arrived he said, “I was robbed but going to wash my hands of this and didn’t want to call you guys.”

He reportedly met the victim on Naplesescort.com and invited her over “for a release,” according to the deputy’s report. They agreed on a price, but Lewin became enraged when the victim became “bossy” and “did not perform the services they agreed to.”

Lewin was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill and battery touch or striking another against their will.

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