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Miami nightclub shuts down after women’s naked dance-off video goes viral

A nightclub in Miami closed on Wednesday after a video of a naked dance contest for concert tickets went viral on social media.

The club, La Covacha, has been temporarily suspended following the scandal, the El Nuevo Herald reports

Three women were captured on video dancing and removing their clothes to win tickets for a concert by a Cuban reggeton band. In the background the club’s DJ can be heard yelling, “Take it all off!”, according to the Herald.

The video was posted to Facebook on Tuesday but has since been taken down after multiple news outlets reported on it.

Local police said the club was forced to shut down because it “violated a county ordinance that prohibits adult entertainment without a license” and the facility is only allowed to operate as a club and restaurant, the Herald reports.

Owners of the club can appeal their suspension with the city’s commission to get back their operating license, police said to the Herald.

Source: palmbeachpost.com

Shut down? Really? This is Miami… Everybody should know, this is simply what happens in nightclubs.

Don’t worry though, as they shut this one down temporarily because of all the attention, there’s far more debauchery right next door in any direction. Livin’ la vida loca…

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Miami nightclub shuts down after women’s naked dance-off video goes viral

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