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Redneck Uber

A wheelchair-bound “grandma” strapped to the cargo bed of a pickup truck was caught on video by a Floridian from Tampa. An old man was driving. There were no other passengers.

UPDATE: The “grandma” may in fact be a man. Note the goatee. Then again, grandma whiskers are a thing. But whatever. It’s 2018. Genders are fluid.

Facebook user Billy BigRig posted the video with the caption:

“Grandma riding in a wheelchair in the back of the truck strapped in is definitely redneck Uber”

The video poster runs a lot clearing business: Lots Cleared Tampa Bay. He seems like a genuine, decent Floridian (based on his recent posts). If y’all need some land cleared, be sure to contact him on his website or on the @LotsCleared Facebook page.

It could be that the truck bed passenger wanted to feel the breeze. Or maybe they were arguing with the driver. We like to think it’s the former, as they looked pretty chill back there. Don’t judge our peninsula dwellers too harshly.

Backup video, in case it gets deleted:

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