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Union County: #1 in the Country for AIDS, Lung Cancer, and Melanoma Deaths

Union County has the highest rate of HIV/AIDS, lung cancer, and malignant skin melanoma fatalities in the country.

Death by HIV/AIDS: 65.67/100,000 deaths

Death by malignant skin melanoma: 7.24/100,000 deaths

Death by lung cancer: 231/100,000 deaths

Sources: businessinsider.com, actionnewsjax.com, jamanetwork.com, healthdata.org

Just take a look at this screenshot from healthdata.org to see how drastic the difference is compared to other counties in Florida:


WTF is going on in Union County? There has to be some explanation…

OK found it. There’s a big prison hospital there, Reception and Medical Center, that has a cancer treatment center and gives advanced medical care.

Also, given that the population is 15,000, these numbers seem far more dramatic than they really are.

In reality, that only equates to 10 AIDS-related deaths total. That’s right, ten. Total. The devil’s in the details, always research things and never take statistics at face value.  We’re still keeping the headline though, because, well, the devil made us do it.

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Union County: #1 in the Country for AIDS, Lung Cancer, and Melanoma Deaths

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