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Raw Pork Parasite Crawls into Florida Man’s Eye

pork parasite eye

Tampa (WTFF) – A brain-eating parasitic tapeworm was removed from a Tampa man’s eye.

This is the second case where Dr. Don Perez of the Perez Eye Center had to remove the pork parasite Taenia Solium from a customer.

Sam Cordero believes that his unwanted guest “came from undercooked pork we ordered around Christmas holidays.”

“What is scary, it gravitates toward the brain,” Perez said to ABC Action News. This parasite can pass to humans from eating raw pork or handling fecal matter. Once inside the brain it can cause seizures as it pokes tiny holes into the brain.

Watch the exclusive video on abcactionnews.com

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Karen b
Karen b
6 years ago

Not a “customer” but a patient.

6 years ago

What were the symptoms