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Billboard on 441 Gets Hacked on Christmas

Lady Lake (WTFF) – An electronic billboard in Central Florida was hacked on Christmas Day.

Someone posted pictures of the commandeered display on social media, with the caption, “Someone hacked into one of the billboards on 441 😂 Merry Christmas ❤️…”

The billboard has since been turned off, as the post says, “Update: they turned the whole billboard off lmao…”

One billboard featured Harambe saying “OH MY GOD IT’S SANTA CLAUS RIGHT OVER THERE HOLY FUCK OH MAN I’VE BEEN A NAUGHTY BOY,” which is of course a lie, because Harambe is always a good boy. #DicksOut for #Harambe

Another for Water Oak Country Club said, “WE CAN ONLY FEEL OUR POWER GETTING STRONGER…”

“Satan is the one true god,” declared a dog advertising for The Bistro at Grand Oaks.

A picture of two old white people pretending to exercise are featured next to a conversation of what seems to be a Boomer trying to Google where to buy milk:

One offered sound advice: “These people think connecting a billboard to the internet is a good idea. These people are wrong.”

Billboard on 441 Gets Hacked on Christmas

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Holy shit that’s funny