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White Springs Man Calls Flight Attendant a “N*gger B*tch, Slave,” Makes Death Threats on Newark Flight

Spirit airplane

A Florida man drinking bourbon and taking Xanax on a flight from Newark called a flight attendant a “n*gger bitch” and a slave several times, and threatened to kill her.

The Miami Herald reports that this behavior was “uncommonly belligerent even for a Newark-to-Fort Lauderdale flight.”

The 36-year-old Florida Man, Michael Anthony Minko, was sentenced to two months in Federal prison, per justice.gov. Their site explains that he was consuming alprazolam, which is generic Xanax. They also claim it was whiskey he was drinking, while the Miami Herald said bourbon. According to Men’s Journal, the two are basically the same thing, it just depends on where it was made. “Bourbon needs to be produced in America and made from 51 percent corn, and whisky does not,” says Maker’s Mark Master Distiller Greg Davis.

Mixing prescription drugs with alcohol is classic Florida Man. It’s really the essence of his antics… while some can commit shenanigans naturally, most require that synergistic combination of legal drugs and legal alcohol to invoke the deplorable Florida Man.

Michael is from White Springs, which is North Florida, of course. He’s actually the first person to put a Hamilton County crime story on our site. Congratulations! It’s a tiny area just south of Valdosta, GA, so you already know it’s f*cked up there.

The flight attendant “B.B.” who received the insults, offered Michael a barf bag when he started crying about feeling sick. She did this despite him calling her a n*gger, a slave, a bitch, and threatening to kill her and blow up the plane. Yet some white people still say black people are the violent ones…

Michael also punched the seat in front of him, disturbing the woman sitting there, and then punched the airplane window. This was a Spirit Airlines flight by the way.

Four men eventually put Michael into plastic handcuffs.

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White Springs Man Calls Flight Attendant a “N*gger B*tch, Slave,” Makes Death Threats on Newark Flight

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4 years ago

Have fun in federal prison