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Florida Man Lights Fireworks Inside Dollar Tree to Celebrate Fourth of July

Kendall (WTFF) – A Florida man launched fireworks inside a Dollar Tree near The Falls shopping mall on July 4th, according to internet sources.

In the video, the wild Florida Man carries a firework into the store and lights it up. The cashier seems pretty chill about it. The firework-starter sits on the floor and watches the sparkles for a bit. When the fiery shards get to close to a cardboard box, the creature exhibits some cognizance by moving it.

One post gives credit to Instagram handle doogang3x for the fireworks display.

Laws were probably broken, but it’s Florida so that doesn’t mean much. It appears that no arrests have been made.

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5 years ago

It’s simply a wild assumption…but it would appear this feral Florida Man may have been probably under the influence of Meth or Flakka….