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Florida Man Attacks Clerk With a Corn Dog after she Refused to Sell him Beer

Cavan McDaniel

Reddick (WTFF) – It doesn’t get much more American than corn dogs and beer, unless you add a dash of assault.

Leave it up to Florida Man to cook up such a fantastic headline.

Well, not really Florida Man, but rather the state of Florida, who repeatedly denied this man mental health care, according to his sister.

He’s mentally ill, but it’s more profitable to lock him up and write funny news articles about his antics than it is to help him. Note that it’s CHEAPER to help him, but it’s more PROFITABLE to keep him locked up… profitable for everyone except tax payers and the victims of mental illness (including family members). Prisons work just like hotels; empty rooms means less income for politically-driven contracts with the various things prisons need like soap, toothpaste, electricity, etc.

Also, people are selfish (another form of greed) and simply vote against things like health care and rehabilitation. The funny thing is, voting against preventative care just creates more expensive and tragic problems.

Well, anyway, because of greed and mental illness, this happened:

35-year-old Cavan was caught on video Friday at a Petro gas station in Marion County. It’s reported that he “threw hot dogs and poked the female clerk with a corn dog stick” after she refused to sell him beer.

“The victim was left with a red mark under her eye due to the corn dog stick attack,” the sheriff’s office said.

Cavan was charged with battery-touch or strike, and also violated his probation from Pasco County. He’s in jail with no bond.

Florida Man Attacks Clerk With a Corn Dog after she Refused to Sell him Beer

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Caley McDaniel
Caley McDaniel

This is my brother, he was not angry, he is mentally ill and this state refuse to help him the million times he has asked for help. Imagine living with this everyday.. maybe that should be added to the story, that he is mentally ill.