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Senator says ‘thoughts and prayers are really the only thing’ to stop mass shootings

Sen. Kelli Stargel (Republican) said the only thing that is going to stop “the evil” behind mass shootings is to send “thoughts and prayers.”

Here’s the video:

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If these are the people we entrust to remedy our madness, then we will do no better than thoughtsandprayersthegame.com.

She then suggests raising the gun buying age to 21, even though 18-year-olds can buy cigarettes and go to war and get their heads blown off while shooting at people with long range assault rifles over oil fields.

Under her plan, those young men and women we trust to drive cars, go to war, shoot guns for the government, smoke cigarettes, etc. could not be trusted to buy a handgun to protect themselves. Sounds like a pretty fucked up plan.

Oh, and enough with the thoughts and prayers shit. People who are really praying do so silently and with reverence and respect. Politicians say they do it to trick senile people into voting for them again so they can keep those campaign contributions rolling in. There’s a difference.

Prayer and action must go hand in hand. Beliefs must not be ridiculed if we wish to respect each other and live harmoniously. We should remember the good religious ones who don’t exploit the beliefs of others to accrue money and power. We are experiencing a growth of people who are able to see beyond the pale illusions of feigned beneficence.

We see the wolves for what they are, as they continue to drag the corpse of the sheep skin behind them. The charade continues. The NRA donations pile up. The politicians talk about God, but do everything against the words of Jesus. Still they pretend to be Christians and what-not to appease the masses and secure votes.

It’s the job of religious leaders to suggest how we pray and meditate to heal ourselves and others. It’s the job of lawmakers to make sure that we have reasonable laws that protect us. One depends on faith. One depends on logic. Both may be intertwined on a fanciful level, but must be addressed and dealt with separately.

Don’t drag God into this. What we need is to pay attention and fix our fucked up laws.

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6 years ago

People are waking up to these hypocrites and liars.