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Florida Man arrested for tweeting an incoherent death threat

Clearwater (WTFF) – A Trump supporter was arrested for threatening former Congressman David Jolly via tweet saying “shoot David jolly shoot him.”

55-year-old Gerald Patrick McGuire is facing a felony charge for his Twitter post, according to Tampa Bay Times.

Because it’s Florida Man, the tweet was full of incoherent nonsense:


Jolly is a Republican who has spoken out against Donald Trump, as real Republicans who care about their party do.

McGuire is a Trump fan who makes all Republicans look bad. He’s been brainwashed by NRA lobbyists, writes atrociously (even by WTFF News standards), wants to kill anyone with different views, and tweets like a broken Russian bot in support of Trump on his Twitter feed: @costaricancreat


Like most Trumpanzees, he calls anything that he doesn’t like “fake news.” He also believes that Russia is a better ally than England.

McGuire’s fear of losing his 2nd Amendment rights came true because of his actions, as he was ordered to surrender all firearms and ammunition to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.

“And that’s how you get your guns taken away, kids.” (cltampa.com)

Florida Man arrested for tweeting an incoherent death threat

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[…] Florida Man arrested for tweeting an incoherent death threat […]