SunRail a.k.a. SunFAIL hits a dump truck

SunRail a.ka. SunFail
SunRail a.ka. SunFail

First of all, this is the most laughable form of public transit to date. I’d rather ride a donkey to work. They’re closed on weekends and holidays, have an extremely limited schedule, slow as fuck, overpriced, and most annoyingly of all: there is nowhere to fucking go once you get off the train stops! No taxis, no reliable buses, no rental bikes… SunRail a.k.a. SunFail is a complete fucking waste of tax dollars. As if that wasn’t enough, they want to spend more money to EXTEND the route to the boondocks and COMPLETELY BYPASS THE AIRPORT. What in the goddamn fuck Florida?

Anways, back to the story. This happened on Orange Avenue near Holt Avenue in Winter Park. Basically some Florida fuck PARKED his DUMP TRUCK on the TRAIN TRACKS (nobody really knows why or has asked), and when shithead realized SunFail was coming, he quickly (but not quickly enough) tried to move it out of the way. 8 people were injured and the train was stopped for a couple hours. Good fucking job Florida Man.


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