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Politics versus Ethics

As a result of sifting through countless arrest affidavits and living in Florida, we are very familiar with suffering, which is a result of greed, hatred, and delusion. Occasionally our page will support movements in Florida that aim to lessen the amount of suffering in our world. Some people accuse us of being “political.” We don’t take sides. The whole left and right divide is at best a distraction. Federal indictments show that outside influences spent millions to further the divide, as they continue to do with “trolling.” Don’t take the bait.

If you have replaced your humanity with political loyalty, then you may not like what we post here. Kindly leave us in peace. For the rest of you who actually care about Floridians (and non-Floridians), we welcome you here. This is a place for everyone. From rednecks to thugs to conservatives to liberals to gun nuts to hippies, we all are one. All the labels blend together to form humans, and many of us fall into several if not all of those categories. Florida’s a very diverse place, and that’s what makes it so amazing. Don’t let polytricks distract and divide us.

The Florida Man Facebook page wrote an excellent note about politics versus ethics, which we are quoting below:

Ethics versus politics

Because I’m seeing some confusion:

Disagreeing about the most effective way to provide food for hungry kids is “politics.”

Disagreeing about whether or not hungry kids should be fed at all is “ethics.”

Disagreeing about the most effective, safe, and humane ways to provide aid and shelter to refugees is politics.

Disagreeing about whether or not we should help people fleeing violence and oppression at all is ethics.

Disagreeing about what’s the most effective and efficient way of providing healthcare to everyone who needs it is politics.

Disagreeing about whether or not we should let poor people suffer and die because they lack the ability to pay for healthcare is ethics.

I could go on (and feel free to share your own examples).

I’m not getting too invested in a “political discussion,” or unfairly discriminating against you because of your “political beliefs.”

I’m reacting with the appropriate level of horror, anger, and sadness one feels when encountering a person whose ethics are so warped and rapacious that any decent human being would be disgusted, and even genuinely frightened.

I’m not taking politics “too personally.” You’re not taking the the massive violations of basic human rights, and the suffering of real thinking, feeling people, personally *enough*.

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