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Florida Man Shoots Neighbor’s Dog, Asks for Advice on Reddit

The Internet (WTFF) – The user “MENSTRUAL_BLOODCLOT” posted a question to the “legaladvice” subreddit on Friday.

The headline reads:

[FL] I shot my neighbor’s dog while it was in my yard, now he’s threatening to sue me for vet bills

The Florida Man describes his situation:

My neighbor’s dog constantly gets in my yard and fucks with my cats. The first couple of times, I told him, “look, keep your goddamn dog out of my yard, or I’m going to light it up.” Well, it kept happening. I got fed up the other day and popped it full of bird shot. I could have killed it, I believe I would have been well within my rights to do so, but I wanted to be nice.

So anyway, now my neighbor is threatening to sue me for the vet bill and that he was going to get my guns taken away. This is all bullshit posturing, right?

Here’s a screenshot:

There’s a lot we could say about this.

The best response was locked by the moderators of r/legaladvice:

If you can testify that the dog was actively attacking something when you shot it, maybe you win the lawsuit.

You can’t shoot the dog just for being in your yard.

If you get sued or contacted by the police, consult with a lawyer.

If you’re shooting pets for being in your yard, consider putting the guns away until you can be more responsible.

There’s nothing else to say on this one.

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