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Meme disclosure: this jig-saw quote is satire. The stuff he says in real life is even worse. We just make memes to laugh at our shitty situation.


The U.S. is now the laughing stock of the world.


Trump is an idiot.


Grab ’em by the pussy.

How the Bible Belt lost God and found Trump

Fuck The Sixth Amendment


Fuck the Second Amendment



Trump and his daughter, and his wife
The First Lady of The White House, Melania Trump




Thank you Russia. Thank you senile, racist, and otherwise hateful Americans who voted for all this. Thanks everyone who just voted Trump because it was funny. Memetic warfare really works when your targets are stupid.



On the bright side though…



Also, don’t take the bait by letting Trump live in your without paying rent (because he’s a real estate genius hurr durr). The media likes to stimulate us emotionally. Nobody gives a fuck that we have evidence of corruption, collusion, and more. Just wait until 2020 and vote him out. Also, this is problem deeper than just Trump. If the voting majority of U.S. citizens are this easy to sway, and our rules so easily played with, then we have no real democracy to begin with.



Anyway… Stay tuned for more fucked up Florida news.

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