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Is It ‘Florida Men’ or ‘Florida Mans’ when referring to the editorial ‘Florida Man?’

It is Florida Mans.

‘Florida Mans’ is the plural form of ‘Florida Man’ because Florida Man and Florida Woman are proper nouns. ‘Florida Woman’ becomes a group of ‘Florida Womans,’  and not simply an ordinary group of ‘Florida women.’

We can have groups of Floridians, or more specifically Floridian men and Floridian women. These are the ones who remain peaceful and usually don’t have like 20 felonies. Florida Man on the other hand, is always in the crime news.

Floridians are not Florida Mans or Florida Womans, though we have a lot in common through the spectrum. Often the lines of distinction between ‘Floridian’ and ‘Florida Man’ are blurred. A Floridian can become a Florida Man and vice versa. Each suffer similar plights, but often have different ways of responding.

Florida Man is eternal. Where one dies gloriously in a headline-creating frenzy of alcohol, selfishness, greed, and delusion, another is born. Florida Man lives through time, and Floridians live vicariously through his bad decisions.

Shouts out to all the Florida Mans.

Florida Man is our hero.



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Is It ‘Florida Men’ or ‘Florida Mans’ when referring to the editorial ‘Florida Man?’

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